MSA – travel companion

MSA is a travel companion renting platform based on the telecommunication networks established with fonebud W.

Users can rent a device from a booth, top up data plans in any country they visit, translate images and live conversations and get travel tips and deals in their current area, and drop the device in the next country they visit!

We designed the user experience flow, the device, booths, screens and all funding pitchs.

Client: MSA, Co-Me, Fonebud Berhad
Scopes: Industrial Design, Product design, Interface Design, Brand Identity

pocket office

Pocket Office was a range of modular products for the cafe writer or remote worker.

The modules were as follow: powerbanks (5,000 & 10,000 mAh), Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth speaker (with built-in microphone) and wireless charger. The project was initially planned to be funded through crowdfunding but fell out due to the unplanned success of Fonebud W in Japan, shifting the company plans ^^

Client: Pensonic Holdings Berhad, Fonebud Berhad
Scopes: Industrial Design, Business Design

Essential guard

Essential is a multi-function device aimed at people who used to enjoyed long conversations on the phone.

Essential brings back the grip and the comfort of the phones of old, with few extra features such as selfie shutter, torchlight, powerbank… even a panic alarm! We helped the then newly created fonebud to design the product, experience and companion app.

Client: Pensonic Holdings Berhad (fonebud)
Scopes: Industrial Design, Interface Design, Packaging Design

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