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Affective Health is a tracking system dedicated to people with mental afflictions or extreme stress. It helps them to manage their mental health through self biodata tracking. The data tracker takes input such as pulse, sweat and movement and cross these data with activity from the user’s smartphone and app usage.

We worked with the Affective Health team in designing and formalizing the user interaction with the device and its community.

Users are sensitive and mental health is still taboo, so the community is built with caution in mind. We focused on enabling safe interactions between users, their medical practitioners, advisors and relatives. Information is clustered between different groups, shared through anonymity and progressive levels of trust, enabled by users when they feel more comfortable with the person they share with.

We also added fun concepts, such as ice-breaking games between anonymous members, to break loneliness in a safe way.


Client: Affective Health (MobileLife)
Scopes: Design Research, User Experience, Interface Design

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