Hi, we are Luid!

Luid provides business, service, UX and industrial design to start-ups, SMEs or product departments within big groups.

We integrate your team as design coaches or in-house designers, foster a design culture internally, study and understand your specifics to strengthen or diversify your offer, rework your deliverable and help present them to clients or investors to get new deals or funding!

Design Consultants

Our service design core are research, business design and design management. We work best with startups, research centers and companies to bring their innovation from early prototype to market.

Service design

We ideate from research a high-level user experience design (UX) and customer experience design (CX) strategy. We then work with your team to transform those into actionable deliverable.


We research the needs of all stakeholders and translate those into scopes and guidelines to streamline complex projects. We integrate your team to (re)design your app or software flow.


We bring design methods, references and inspiration to your team or students. We can either start and check weekly on a long project progress, or pack a sprint creative challenge in a few days!