About you

You want to bring a new technology to people?

You want to retain more people? Improve your user experience?

You are exploring a new market segment? Maybe a new business  model?

You are creating a range of innovative products to widen your offer?

We can help!

About us

We are an agile design collaboration platform with a hands-on approach: we observe, ask, try, build and test!

Designing with people is a humbling and thrilling experience; we learn and deliver alternatives solutions, products, services and experiences that we know will touch them. We strive for honest collaborations, meaningful experiences and happy moments!

We are willing to take on projects with little ground to stand on, ready to dive in. We believe in sharing resources, ideas, innovations and conflict together. It can generate frictions, powerful sparks and unexpected results but it is always enriching and fun for everyone!

Youle Chong and Sylvain Vanderhaegen founded Luid in 2008, slowly gathering passionate individuals from social, industrial, interaction and research design to join them. This wide network of various specialists was carefully weaved through their travels and collaborations from all over the world.